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1)  Keep firearms pointed downrange at all times.

2)  VERIFY Nobody is downrange before shooting.

3) DO NOT handle or touch firearms when people are down range.

4)  Leave firearms actions open and remove detachable magazines when people are down range.

5)  STAY BEHIND benches to fire weapons, and DO NOT go beyond the shooting bench until all shooters have ceased shooting, all actions are open, and everyone is clear of their firearm.

6)  Eye and hearing protection are required while on the firing line.

7)  No alcohol is allowed at the range.

8)  Unload firearms before leaving the firing line.

9) If present, Range Safety Officer (RSO) will control firing line activities.

Members Note:

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SGC Board of Directors:

President – Bob Seymour, 283-3315

Vice-President – Stuart Goldstein, 262-3184

Secretary – Mike Mathews, 262-4102

Treasurer – Dave Hopkins, 262-9191

Director – Larry Rogers, 283-4048

Director – Mike Croft,  740-8862

Director - Jim Trujillo, 907-252-0065

    SGC Bldg/Range Reservations

Contact: Mike Mathews, 262-4102

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Contact: Dave Hopkins, 262-9191

SGC WEB Sight Updated: 09/23/2018

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Next New Membership Orientation Dates:

At this time - NO ADDITIONAL Scheduled Dates for 2018

SGC Membership Information Click Here

We will have 2019 SGC Membership Gift Certificate available at the annual meeting

Dec 3rd for those folks that want to give that special someone more range time.

See Membership Page for more details.

Tuesday Steel Challenge: See Pistol Range link for more info.

Clays Range Open Hours -  Sundays, Noon until 3:00pm, all year.

Summer Clays until Oct 17th -  Wednesdays Range Open Hours 4:00- 6:00pm

Attn. Groups Requiring Use of the SGC

Training Building and Ranges in 2018.  

Please go to Range Reservation page and fill out

Reservation Form and submit as early as possible;

(30 Days in advance) First Come, First Served.

Civil Marksmanship Program (CMP) Information Link

SGC Hats are for Sale at the Training Building during

Orientations, Monthly Meetings and Clays Shoots. Cost $15

Note: The Pistol Range Bay 4  expansion and new Bay 11 and Tactical Range parking lot are under construction.

Please consider this activity during the use of the pistol range.

Upcoming Special Events:

SUNDAY Sept 30th - ATA SGC Trap Championship Shoot.

SUNDAY, Oct 7th - SGC Skeet Championship Fun Shoot

SATURDAY, Oct 13th -  SGC Black Powder Shoot Black Powder Range

Sunday Oct 14th - ATA National Trap Shooting Day.

Please Check Reservation Schedule for times when Bays and Ranges are in use.