Over 50 Years of Shooting Range Support on the Kenai Peninsula 1970-2021

40450 Shotgun Dr.

PO Box 125

Kenai AK 99611


Updated: 10/21/2021

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Established in 1970, SnowShoe Gun Club is the largest private (423 acres), and one of the oldest shooting facilities in the State of Alaska. This non-profit, Members Only, shooting and recreation club is centrally located on the Kenai Peninsula between the cities of Kenai and Soldotna and provides 4 Clays Fields, a 1000 yd. Rifle Range, 11 Pistol Bays, a 200 meter Tactical Gun Range along with a Black Powder Gun Range.

SGC Board of Directors:

President – Bob Seymour, (907)283-3315

Vice-Pres. – Stuart Goldstein, (907)262-3184

Secretary – Larry Rogers, (907)283-4048

Treasurer – Dave Hopkins, (907)262-9191 - SGC Website

Director – Jeremy "Heath" Boutwell (907)394-5504

Director – Don Feltman  (907)776-8746

Director - Jim Trujillo, (907)252-0065

Members Note: No Alcohol is allowed at the SGC Range!

SGC Rifle Range

Next planned shoot:

Lost & Found Items. -

All items not claimed in (1) week will be donated to Good Will.   Thanks

If your not an NRA Member - You Should Be!

2021 Steel Challenge & USPSA Matches

See Pistol Range link for additional Info.

2021 PRS and F Class Matches:

See Rifle Range link for info.

SGC New Membership Orientations & Renewals available at Training Bldg.

Next 2022 Orientation:

Wednesday Jan 5 th, 2022

Only 2021 Membership Renewals will be available during Clays Shoot - Sundays Noon-3:00pm

For further information see:

Frequently Asked Questions

To SGC Membership Page

and Orientation Video


2021 SGC Members Training :

COLD FRONTIER is offering exclusive firearms training classes. Several Types of Firearms Training will be offered in 2021. See Cold Frontiers Web-Sight to sign up and further information and schedules. Next Training Session:

Saturday - November 6, 8am -3pm Youth Intro to Firearms @ SnowShoe Gun Club

Friday - November 12, 5:30-7:30pm Tactical Application Pistol: Skill Builder @ SnowShoe Gun Club

Clays Range Open to All.

Sundays - Noon to 3:00pm - Year Round

Next planned shoot:  


Saturday Nov 6:

Outlaw Bullseye Pistol Match Bay 4 11a-5p

See Pistol Range Page for more info and YouTube link.

Saturday Nov 13:

SGC LOW LIGHT Shotgun - PB# 4, 5p-9p.


SGC Steel Challenge Every Tuesday

Winter Locations PISTOL BAY 4 Setup 3:00pm

Squad 1 shoot 4:00pm (10 guns)

Squad 2 shoot 6:00pm (10 guns)

SGC Announcements

SGC Club Events

All Members Notice:    Please Read


(Pistol Range Bay Numbers have been changed. New SGC Range Map reference for next years reservations)

SGC Board Meeting

Time and Date: Thursday Nov 11th

5:30pm - SGC Training Building

2022 Budget will be discussed. If you want to provide input items for the next year budget, please prepare cost estimate and address the board at Nov 11th Meeting.

Call a Director if you have questions.

SGC 2021 Annual Meeting

Saturday, Dec 4th 10:30am - SGC Training Building

Election of (3) SGC Directors will take place.

2022 SGC Membership Renewals will be available from 10:00 - 10:30am before meeting starts.

See Membership Page for 2022 Application Forms