West of the black rifle bay is a 100 yard bay dedicated strictly to black powder shooters. Absolutely no modern firearms are to be used in the black powder bay.

Tannerite or glass targets are not allowed.

July 29th, Saturday; Muzzle-loading Rifle and Pistol Shoot.  From 10am to 11am we will have an open range for sighting in or tinkering.  At 11 AM we will shoot for a score.  We are still in the process of organizing black powder shooters from the area and would welcome participation and ideas from all.  We have almost finished work on the black powder range and it is looking really nice.  It’s OK to bring family or observers.  Picnic tables are available and “rustic” toilet facilities are nearby.  If you are going to shoot, you may want to bring enough powder and shot for 30 or more rounds.  If you want food or water, bring along what you need.  For information call Darrell Aleckson 262-9654.