Thanks To Everone that attended the Turkey Shoot; Weather was "Sporty" Just right for Alaskans.

See Turkey Shoot Poster for info.

The Sunday, Dec 24th Open Clays shoot is Cancelled (Christmas Eve.)

Saturday DECEMBER 23rd - Clays Range will be open noon - 3:00pm.

The SGC Clays Range is open for Trap and Skeet to the membership and the public every Sunday,  Noon until 3 pm.

2017 Summer open hours will be begin Wednesdays, April 19th to Oct 18th from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

Cost is $5  per round for members and $7  per round for non-members, bring your own shells.

The Clays Range will Not be open if temperature is 0 degrees or below at 10:00am.

Please call # 262-9500 for Official Temperature.

During these times the Clays Range is open to the public.

Members will be required to open and close the 2nd gate beyond the Training building while the Clay Range is open.

The Rifle and Pistol Ranges ARE NOT open to the Public during these Times!

Clays Range

Trap and Skeet fields are located on the west side of the range access road, across from the training building.

There are two established trap fields. Trap field 1 is located on the south end of the trap/skeet fields, and trap field 2 is adjacent to field 1, just to the north. Both fields incorporate voice-activated trap machines capable of throwing double clays as well as Trap 2 has a wobble function. The trap fields have cement station walkways.

There is currently two established skeet field (skeet field 1), located north of, and adjacent to, trap field 2. The Skeet field are gravel pads with the stations indicated by survey markers. Skeet field 2 is located adjacent to skeet field 1, on the north side.  

The Clays Range is the responsibility of the SGC Clays Committee as directed by the SGC Directors.

For the safety of the users. No SGC Clay Targets will be thrown without a

SGC Clays Committee Member Present.

Personel clay target throwers my be used at the Clays Range when the range is not in use.

Please check the Reservations or Calendar for available times.

The SGC Membership is the motivation and sweat behind the Snow Shoe Gun Club. During 2015 and 2016  members pulled together and completed several large projects. The building of the Clays Range was a major under taking from coming up with a safe and long term design, completing permits and site layout to the actual building of the facility. The Membership applauds those who volunteered expertise to complete this project:

Scheduled NSSA Skeet Events

Clays Range Capital Improvement Project - 2015-2016

Stuart Goldstein - Jim Brenton - Chris Hafer - Milt Allen - Jim Trujillo - Adam Trujillo - Bailey Horne - Garrett Horne - Jim Byler - Dave Kirkfleit - Alice Kirkfleit - Joe Zimmerman Ronnie Zahacfski - Bruce Jackman - Mike Litzen - JT Lott - Dwight Kramer - Lance Kramer - Ted Spraker - Ken T - Dave Hopkins - and any others names we may have missed.

Also to Airport Rental and Craig Taylor Equipment who provided

Equipment Rental for the project.

We Truly Appreciated all Your hard work and dedication.  

The SGC Membership.