The rifle range is accessed by driving north on the range access road, past the trap/skeet fields.

The rifle range is a 1000 yard range, with berms established every 100 yards out to 600 with one at 800 and 1000 yards, and is oriented to the north. The range firing line is on a covered cement slab and has 10 permanent outside shooting benches and an extension earthen berm to the west. An enclosed shooting shack is located on the east (right) side of the range firing line. The shooting shack has four shooting positions behind a Plexiglass barrier with shooting ports. The shack has a wood burning stove for heating during the colder months. Target stands are provided on each of the berms by way of metal frames supporting wooden pallets to which targets can be stapled. A supply of replacement pallets is maintained on the west side of the firing line. Members are allowed to replace pallets as needed. For safety purposes the rifle range firing line has red strobe lights to indicate when the range is cold and people are down range. There are two strobes located above the outside shooting positions and one strobe located in the shooting shack. The switch to activate the strobes is located on the outside wall of the shooting shack, to left of the door to the shack.

Before turning off the lights, positively verify no one is downrange by driving out the target access road if necessary.

Tannerite or glass targets are not allowed.


The following dates are for the 2017 SGC Mid-Range rifle matches.

 The dates are all Sundays, so the range is not as busy when we take the use of it for these club matches.

May 28                 300 yards only

June 11                 first 300, 500, 600 yards + 300 yards only

July 30                  300 yards only + 300, 500, 600 if at least 4 shooters

Aug 27                  300 yards only + 300, 500, 600 if at least 4 shooters

Sept 17                 300 yards only + 300, 500, 600 if at least 4 shooters

Oct 8                     300 yards only + 300, 500, 600 if at least 4 shooters


Note that shooters must have their sight settings for 500 and 600 yards, before the match.

Sign up is from 0800 till 0830.

Shooting starts at 0900.


 Jon Terhune

SGC Rifle Range Committee