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The Alaska Board of Game (BOG) met in Anchorage March 14 to 20, 2019 to address proposals submitted for the Southcentral Region, Units 6, 7, 8, 14C and 15. The BOG also deliberated on several additional proposals from other units and addressed statewide antlerless moose hunts and exemptions for resident brown bear tags in many areas. 

Decisions made on all issues can be found on the BOG web site at: or by contacting the ADF&G Board Support Office in Juneau at 465-4110.

The following brief summary will concentrate on issues discussed that affect the Kenai Peninsula, Units 7 and 15. Of the 150 proposals submitted, 54 dealt with Kenai issues and most of those requests were for changes in local hunting for moose.

Proposal 59. Shorten the hunting season for caribou in the Kenai Mountains Unit 7 herd (DC001). This proposal was adopted resulting in a new season opening on Aug. 10 and closing on Sept. 20. This is now the same season as the Fox and Killey River herds in Units 15B and 15C.

Proposal 61. Establish a new drawing hunt for goats near Seldovia. Due to an increase in numbers of goats observed and low reported harvest, the Department of Fish and Game submitted this request to add a draw hunt to the existing registration hunt. Registration for this hunt is only allowed during one day each year and permits must be picked up in person, in Seldovia. This requirement has led to low participation and harvest. However, since this is a state subsistence area, the registration hunt had to be maintained because a draw hunt does not satisfy requirements for a subsistence hunt opportunity. The draw hunt will provide additional opportunity because a permit winner will not be required to travel to Seldovia on a certain day to obtain a permit. This new draw hunt will start in fall of 2020.

Proposals 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 72 and 73. All of these requested change in the selective harvest strategy for moose.

The department presented information showing antler restrictions implemented in 2011, 50 inch or 4 brow tines followed by adding spike bulls to the bag limit in 2013, resulted in an unnecessarily high bull to cow ratio of 40-50 bulls per 100 cows. The long-standing management objective for the Peninsula has been to maintain 20-25 bulls per 100 cows. Following an exhaustive discussion, the BOG adopted proposal 65, submitted by Kenai/Soldotna Advisory Committee to change the bag limit to one bull with a spike on at least one side or 50 inches or greater or 3 brow tines on at least one side. This new bag limit will be in place for fall 2019.

Proposals 69, 70 and 71. These proposals requested the elimination of the 15B(East) moose draw hunt. The BOG addressed the request from the Central Peninsula AC (Ninilchik) and adopted proposal 69. This draw hunt was established in 1977, and in the past provided for a quality hunt with low hunter participation and a high likelihood of harvesting a large antlered bull. Due to declining numbers of moose these opportunities no longer exist. By opening the area to all hunters, people that have the means of accessing this remote area will be allowed to hunt using a harvest ticket and the same spike/50/3 brow tines bag limit. Since permits have been issued for fall 2019, this hunt will start fall 2020.

Proposal 78. Establish a resident only “any-bull” moose draw in Units 7 and 15. This request was approved by the BOG with up to 200 permits available. The hunt will start in fall 2020. Again, this hunt was approved to address the high bull to cow ratio, however, not all 200 tags will be available the first year. The BOG recommended ADF&G issue a low number of tags (5)  in Units 7, 15A and 15B and 25-30 for Unit 15C.  The department suggested only issuing tags in 15C because the area has higher counts however, the discussion by BOG members focused on the fierce competition for these any-bull tags and suggested a small number in adjacent areas to spread out applications. Harvest success rates show hunters average less than 50 percent in any-bull hunts, and some of these bulls may fit the new bag limit so a minimum harvest is expected.

Proposals 77, 82 and 83. These requests addressed antlerless moose hunts on the Kenai. Proposal 77 was a department request for an antlerless moose hunt in 15C with up 100 permits available. After two full days of public testimony there was no strong support for the hunt and it failed with no supportive votes from BOG members. Proposals 82 and 83 asked to reauthorize antlerless moose hunts on Kalgin Island and the Homer Area hunt, both were adopted. There was a proposal to require hunter-orange clothing to be worn when hunting on Kalgin that was not adopted. Although the BOG did not support a mandatory requirement, we, and the public strongly supported the recommendation that hunters wear hunter-orange clothing due to dense cover on the island and two fatalities of moose hunters.

Proposal 90. Remove the date restrictions and expand the hunt area for small game for youth hunters (10-17) in the Skilak Loop Management Area. This proposal was submitted by the Kenai/Soldotna AC and supported by the public but not by the Refuge representative testifying before the BOG. The request was adopted. This new hunting opportunity will start this fall, and if you plan to hunt this area be sure to read the requirements for hunter education necessary to hunt the area.

Hopefully, this brief summary will assist in your hunt planning for the near future and provide a better understanding of BOG process. If you have additional questions don’t hesitate to give me a call at 262-9592.

Good luck hunting and be safe out there,

Ted Spraker, Board of Game Chairman

This Page will be updated when items of interest are shared with the SGC. They can include Firearms issues, Hunting regulations, or anything that may be of interest or importance to the SGC Membership.