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1- QUESTION: What are the requirements for a SGC Membership?

ANSWER: You have to be 18 years or older (Legal Adult).  You have to qualify as being legally able to own and possess a firearm.

2 - QUESTION: Where Can I purchase a SGC Membership?

ANSWER: Memberships are only available at the Snowshoe Gun Club Training building.

3 - QUESTION: When Can I purchase a SGC Membership?

ANSWER: New and Renewal Membership are available Jan-March, Every Wednesday and April to October the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month from 5:00pm - 6:30pm. Sunday Open Clays Shoot (weather permitting) - Renewals are available  - noon - 3:00pm.

4 - QUESTION: Do I have to take an Orientation for a SGC membership?

ANSWER: Every New member needs to attend, in person a (one time) Orientation to high-light the SGC rules and procedures. After you have completed this, you only have to renew for future years.

5 - QUESTION: What is the cost of SGC Membership?

ANSWER: Annual SGC Family Membership cost $150. Membership is active from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. Memberships are not prorated depending on date you purchased them. i.e.: a membership purchased in July is still $150. Other memberships are available for Agency and Corporate endites.

6 - QUESTION: Do I have to carry a SGC Membership ID at the range.

ANSWER: Yes - SGC ID is required at all times while at the range. Every SGC Family Membership is issued (1) SGC Membership Card. Members can make copies or take a SGC Membership Card photo on their Smart Phone. You may be asked for other ID to verify the SGC Membership Card photo or copy.

7 - QUESTION: Can I bring a guest to the SGC Range?

ANSWER: Yes - As a member you can bring a quest. Please limit to the amount (1-2) you can actively supervise. You are responsible for there actions. If an infraction should happen, the SGC member will held accountable. Please have your guests review the SGC Orientation Video on SGC Website.

8 - QUESTION: Can I Give my Key to my buddy, relative, to use the range?

ANSWER: No one outside your immediate family (who you claim on taxes) can access the SGC range. If this infraction happens, the member will lose their SGC Membership.

9 - QUESTION: What is a RSO (Range Safety Officer)?

ANSWER: An RSO is a SGC member that has completed an NRA approved Range Safety Officer training course. When they are actively working as an RSO at one of the SGC Ranges, they will control the activities at that range.  The RSO will have ID, a hat or vest and will notify the shooters that the range is under the control of an RSO. Please give them full support. They are working to help the members and guests have a safe and fun experience.

10 - QUESTION: Is Firearms training available at Snowshoe Gun Club?

ANSWER: Private, for profit, endites provide training and use the SGC facilities - Links for active ones are on SGC website. We do host many training programs.  Alaska Dept Fish and Game - Hunter Education, AK State Protection Agency's, Municipal LEO's, Federal Protection Agency's and Corporate firearms training (i.e., Bear Protection). We also host SGC Scholastic Clays Youth Program, (TOT) Teen on Target, (WOT) Women on Target programs. There are many other non-profits that use the SGC for firearms training.