The following links are provided strictly as a courtesy, and is by no means comprehensive.† Snowshoe Gun Club does not endorse any organization or business whose web site link is provided.

WARNING: Snowshoe Gun Club cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or safety of any reloading data presented on any of the following web sites. ALWAYS approach any maximum load with caution, starting loads at 10% below the maximum listed, and comparing them to published reloading data from the bullet or powder manufacturer.


RELOADERS LINKS: – This site provides many additional links for reloaders.

Alliant Powder – The company site for manufacturer of Alliant powders.

Hodgdon Reloading Data Center – Information for IMR, Winchester and Hodgdon powders.


Hornady Bullets – Product information and reloading information, plus ballistics calculator.

Speer Bullets – General product information.

Sierra Bullets – Product information and some reloading information.

Berger Bullets – Product information, articles and ballistic calculator.

Nosler Bullets – Product information and reloading data for Nosler bullets.


Brownells – Ah, so little time and money, and so much to buy.

Midway USA – Good all-around source.

Richards Microfit Gunstocks – You can get a great deal on their seconds, lots of choices.

No shopping list would be complete without Cabelas  and Bass Pro Shops.


National Rifle Association – This web site is very slow to load at times, but worth the wait

Shooting USA – Web site of the TV show, with lots of information

Sunrise/Sunset Calculator – Will provide rise/set for any location you want – printable

The Shooters Forum – A forum for gun cranks of every level and interest

Kenai Peninsula Archers - Local Archery Club with 53 Acre Outdoor Range

The Well Armed Woman - Local  Womens Firearms Group that meets at SGC

Women on Target - Local  Womens Firearms Group that meets at SGC

DELTA Waterfowl -  Chapter Peninsula Pintails AK001 - Local  conservation group with annual youth shoot at SGC. contact Jesse Richardson 907-223-0142

ATA - Amateur Trapshooting Association - Holds trap shooting tournaments

NSSA - NSCA - The National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) and the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) are the official governing and sanctioning bodies for their sports.

ALASKA SPORTING CLAYS Association - Southcentral Alaska Clays group holding shoots at Birchwood and Grouse Ridge Ranges. Pres. Brian Fisher