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Updated: 05/22/2022


SGC Club ToDo List

The SGC Membership is the motivation and sweat behind the Snow Shoe Gun Club.  

The Membership applauds those who volunteered there expertise to complete these projects:

1.   Main gate: Paint, Sandblast first (we will take care of his part) and paint soon after blasting. (2022)

2. Gate between Clays and Rifle Ranges:  Repair, Paint, Sandblast first (we will take care of his part) (2022)

3. Clubhouse: Paint trim on back porch.

4.  Pistol shack @ bay 11: Ceiling Repair (Big Project) DONE

5. Upgrade Security Cameras (Hop & ?)

6.  Fix Skeet House Door Hinges and Locks - Clays Field #3 DONE

7.  Install new Security Door Locks and Padlock for entire range. Underway

8.  Repair Outhouses seats and paint building as required. DONE

9.  New 24'x32' building at Pistol Bay 5 - Design issued for material estimate

10.  ? - Add to List

If an item is on the TODO  list, just do it -  if you need help or supplies contact a director and we will make it happen.

On the "Big Jobs" contact a SGC Director for help with supplies and planning. These projects usually require multiply persons with special talents or skills.

If the membership has other items they wish to have added to this list - just contact a director. Thanks

SGC Range Clean-Up Day

Time and Date: Saturday May 21th

Meet at Training Building at 9:00am  

Work Parties well be set-up.

Lunch Break at 12:30pm @ Training Building - Hotdogs and Burgers

Many Hands Make Little Work - Please Schedule some time to help during the Clean-up.