50 Years of Shooting Range Support on the Kenai Peninsula 1970-2020

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SGC WEB-Sight Updated:10/11/2020

40450 Shotgun Dr.

PO Box 125

Kenai AK 99611


2020 SGC USPSA Matches

Pistol Bays 1 thru 4 - 8:00 am till 5:00pm  - Setup at 8:00 am  Shooting at 11:00 am

Kenai Peninsula Steel Challenge Championship

July 31, Aug. 1 & 2, 2020  See Photos of Shoot.

Additional USPSA matches will be scheduled for the later this season. Check Practiscore, SGC WEB-Sight and Facebook for dates and time.

NOTE: USPSA membership is not required, but an additional entry fee will be required to enter the USPSA matches. See Range Reservations for USPSA Shooting Schedule.


Pistol Range

The pistol range is located on the range access road, after it passes the rifle range and turns east. The pistol range is currently composed of eleven (11) individual pistol bays, running in length from 25 to 80 yards. The bays run north, along the east side of the road and are oriented toward the east. For reference, the pistol bays are numbered from the south, 1 through 11. Each bay is enclosed on three sides by earthen berms approximately sixteen (16) feet high..

Enclosed shooting shacks are located on bays 3-4 and 11. The shack at bay 4 has five shooting positions and the shack at bay 11 also has five shooting positions. Each shooting position has a port that can be closed. The shacks at bay 4 & 11 also have a wood burning stove for heat during colder months. Bay 4 has power and outdoor shooting lights. Bay 11 is wired but you will need to connect a generator to the power port on the left side of the door.

Target stands are not provided at the pistol range. Members must bring their own target stands.

The use of pallets for target stands at the pistol range, either from the rifle range

or those brought from outside the club, is not authorized.

Vehicles are driven into the bays for set up, and pallets leave nails on the ground as they are shot.

Any caliber rifle/pistol or archery arrow or crossbow bolt can be used at this range.

Tannerite, Pallets or Glass targets are not allowed.


SGC Pistol Range Committee

Notice: All Steel Challenge &  

USPSA Shooters:

Snowshoe Gun Club is migrating to the use of Practiscore for all USPSA, Steel Challenge and Multi Gun Events. This allows better planning for the club and yourself plus it is free and easy to use once you are set up.

You can also follow other clubs in the state to see when their matches are.  It's easy to use. Create a free login account. On the header click on Clubs, Search for Snowshoe Gun Club and click follow. Click on Matches in the header, type in SGC and matches will show up and you can register as they become available.

Steel Challenge Tuesdays

Tuesday Steel Challenge Runs Year Round. Set-up at 4:30pm,  Shooting Starts At 5:30 Pm.

Winter Time Shoot Will Be Held At The Lighted Shack at Pistol Range Bay 4.

Summer Time Shoot Will Be Held At Pistol Range Bays 1 & 2

NOTE: Steel Challenge allows 13 different firearms for competition including: .22 rimfire pistols and rifles, centerfire handguns and pistol caliber carbines.