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SGC WEB-Sight Updated:1/24/2020

40450 Shotgun Dr.

PO Box 125

Kenai AK 99611

2019 SGC Rifle Range 600/300 Yard Match Schedule


Sunday May 12th     Sunday June 16th

Sunday July 14th     Sunday Sept. 15th

Contact Bob Seymour with questions.

*Be early to help setup.  Shooting will start at 9:00 A.M. till ?

Match fees : $10 (helps pay for targets and materials)

We will shoot at same targets as last year.

Match Rules:

          If it goes bang you can shoot it.

          All shooting will be from the prone position. Sept. 15th shoot you can shoot Prone or from Bench - Pick One

          Bipods, front/rear bags, and other front supports are allowed.

          Mats and spotting scopes are allowed.

          Shooting will begin at the 600 yard target.

          Shooters will have 5 minutes to shoot up to 5 sight-in rounds.

          Targets will be viewed for making adjustments and those holes patched.

          Shooters will have 20 minutes to shoot 20 shots at their scoring target.

          Targets will be retrieved to be scored at the rifle shack.

          The 300 yard distance will have two targets side by side for each shooter - A Sight-in target and a Scoring target.

          There will be a total time of 30 minutes for this round.

          When time begins, shooters can shoot as many sight-in adjustment rounds on their sight-in target as they wish.

          There will be 20 shots taken on the Scoring Target.

          Shooters may take additional sight-in adjustment shots on their sight-in target during the shoot but must keep track of the number of shots on their scoring target.

          Targets will be retrieved for scoring at the rifle shack.

• Scores from the 600 and 300 yard targets will be combined for an overall score.

We are going to hold a PRS Rifle Match on Nov. 23rd. here is what I know for now the cost will be 20 dollars, we will look to start around 11:00 A.M.

This match will be positional shooting, you will need at least 70 rds. From what Scott said the shots will be from 400yds to 800yds. Scott says that there is a face book page at long range shooters of Alaska. We will also have it on the Snow Shoe Gun Club web page. As more info becomes available we will let you know.

Thanks Bob