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SGC WEB-Sight Updated:9/25/2019

2019 SGC Rifle Range 600/300 Yard Match Schedule


Sunday May 12th     Sunday June 16th

Sunday July 14th     Sunday Sept. 15th

Contact Bob Seymour with questions.

*Be early to help setup.  Shooting will start at 9:00 A.M. till ?

Match fees : $10 (helps pay for targets and materials)

We will shoot at same targets as last year.

Match Rules:

     •     If it goes bang you can shoot it.

     •     All shooting will be from the prone position. Sept. 15th shoot you can shoot Prone or from Bench - Pick One

     •     Bipods, front/rear bags, and other front supports are allowed.

     •     Mats and spotting scopes are allowed.

     •     Shooting will begin at the 600 yard target.

     •     Shooters will have 5 minutes to shoot up to 5 sight-in rounds.

     •     Targets will be viewed for making adjustments and those holes patched.

     •     Shooters will have 20 minutes to shoot 20 shots at their scoring target.

     •     Targets will be retrieved to be scored at the rifle shack.

     •     The 300 yard distance will have two targets side by side for each shooter - A Sight-in target and a Scoring target.

     •     There will be a total time of 30 minutes for this round.

     •     When time begins, shooters can shoot as many sight-in adjustment rounds on their sight-in target as they wish.

     •     There will be 20 shots taken on the Scoring Target.

     •     Shooters may take additional sight-in adjustment shots on their sight-in target during the shoot but must keep track of the number of shots on their scoring target.

     •     Targets will be retrieved for scoring at the rifle shack.

• Scores from the 600 and 300 yard targets will be combined for an overall score.