SGC Club ToDo List

The SGC Membership is the motivation and sweat behind the Snow Shoe Gun Club.  

The Membership applauds those who volunteered there expertise to complete these projects:

1.   Main gate: Remove or Raise personel entry (headache bars), repair broken top brace,  Sandblast first (we will take care of his part) and paint soon after blasting. (2019) Reroute Walking path around gate - Completed June 2018

2. Gate between Clays and Rifle Ranges:  Raise gate - welding required and then paint when welding is complete. Raise Gate Completed 2017  Sandblast first (we will take care of his part) (2019)


3. Pistol shack @ bay 4:  Paint Inside and out.  (This is the biggest of the painting tasks and could use the talents of several members)  


4. Outhouse @ Pistol Range: Paint to match the one at the Clays range.


5.  Outhouse @ Rifle Range: Paint to match the one at the Clays range.


6.  Clubhouse: Paint trim on back porch


7.  The cover painted - Black Gun Range 200 meter range:  green on gable ends, white trim all around, black posts.  Ladder is required.


8.  Connex @ Clubhouse: Paint trim around windows, corners and gable ends.


9.  Clays Range Counter System - March 2019 Equipment recieved, Cable pulled between Skeet houses





If an item is on the TODO  list, just do it -  if you need help or supplies contact a director and we will make it happen.

On the "Big Jobs" contact a SGC Director for help with supplies and planning. These projects usually require multiply persons with special talents or skills.

SGC Board of Directors:

President – Bob Seymour, 283-3315

Vice-President – Stuart Goldstein, 262-3184

Secretary – Mike Mathews, 262-4102

Treasurer – Dave Hopkins, 262-9191

Director – Larry Rogers, 283-4048

Director – Mike Croft,  740-8862

Director - Jim Trujillo, 907-252-0065


If the membership has other items they wish to have added to this list - just contact a director. Thanks